Business recovery

At Gibson Booth, we deal with many businesses which are experiencing financial difficulties, and work proactively alongside them with the aim of helping to set them on the road to recovery.

If your business is struggling financially, there are a number of different options to consider. However, as time goes on these options quickly begin to narrow, so it’s important to get in touch with us as soon as you are aware of any difficulties, so that we can act promptly and effectively on your behalf.

Our experienced team will work to identify the cause of your problems and where possible recommend a range of financial solutions - including improving profitability and cash flow, and finding alternative sources of funding - with a view to helping you to trade out of difficulty.

If your business remains viable but requires restructuring in order to return it to profitability, we can help to deal with this process.

Where appropriate, and where legal action has been threatened, we can help to put in place a formal Company Voluntary Arrangement, helping you to avoid liquidation.

If you’re struggling with tax arrears or creditor pressure, we can also liaise with HMRC and other creditors to help negotiate a repayment package, reducing the pressure on your business.

For professional and timely advice on your individual situation, please contact us today.

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